Trying to fit in- Morocco

So I imagine most newlyweds plan an exotic destination honeymoon filled with fun, bikinis’ mouthwatering meals, colorful cocktails and seadooos included.  NOT ME.. not us… Noooo we wanted adventure.  We wanted place where as we discovered on the flight over in the handy travel book “strongly suggests no public displays of affection ie; hand holding or kissing”.  It also stated there is no alcohol sold in public places. I guess we will just act as friends on our Honeymoon. I knew I should have gone on the Price is Right and won a trip to Tahiti and some sea dooos.

Our first honeymoon suite, see below.  Yes yes I know what your thinking, it looks like Sadam Husseins Living room. But I LOVED this place. There were no locks on the doors as we discovered when a butler would just walk in and serve us tea.

They forgot to mention that you will be awakened by the Calling of Prayer every few hours. My husband who loves his sleep would sit up every time the loud chanting would start and say “omg Are you serious?”..

On our second day in Marrakesch I really thought no one would think I was a westerner when I ventured off on my own into the Medina’s Souks for shopping.  Some how I would find strangers glaring over at me along the alley ways. Was it the Gold rimmed glasses or the crisp white Jeans..= #youratouristforsure


Day one we took a jeep ride into the deep interior of Morocco.  I knew my husband liked camping so I planned a night out in the desert. That desert happen to be 9 hours away and famously called the Sahara Desert Sahara Transportation

During the 9 hour jeep ride I downed some CIPRO (antibiotics) and thought about how was I going to find a good doctor in the middle of the desert. You see I was battling a stomach bug. A very bad stomach bug I had picked up in Italy.  I seriously thought I’d call in my medjet insurance number (I had carried this card for years) and test it out. They do promise a private jet and doctor on board. I took a glimpse out of the window and couldn’t see land that would be fitted for a jet landing. Im sure it would have scraped up a few ruins or caused a horrible sand storm by landing. 

After 9 hours we finally arrived  to the camel Parking lot.   I wanted to pick mine out but I was told to go stand by the one that looked like it was from Biblical times. It was on its last legs.

The trek was a bump but fun adventure.

Here is a glimpse during out lovely hour ride on a camel.

Camel ride delirious  (link click)


Inside our romantic honeymoon suite in the Berber Tent

Ever slept on Berber Carpet wrapped up in Berber Carpet in 90 degree heated Berber Carpet tent? It was quite an experience.   My favorite part of the night was the dinner and fire dancing.  The bathroom was 2 sand dunes over.  I discovered after walking there, that there was nothing there. Just sand.

Honeymoon Tent made of Berber Carpet.

This was our toast  (click here)  (Or copy that)

                       The Berber man loved hiding my face

When my flying carpet gets away

When your driver stops off at a Carpet store (pre planned by him and the store owner) to get a drink during our 9 hour car ride, you end up looking like Moroccan Barbie and Ken.  After 1 1/2 hours of saying “oh no thank you” and reassuring them that you  have a house full of them (from Tjmax),  you end up buying one.  They served us so much tea I was like “buy everything anything” . They celebrated by dressing us up.  We are the proud owner now of that sweet little baby blue on behind us.

Some people try on sunglasses, but when your in Morocco you try on head scarves This was my 4th one it is called a Hajibs. I love them.


Seems safe right??.. a Blonde all alone in the Souks? totally safe. So can you see the fake smiles on our faces below??.. thats because my husband interupted a disagreement in pricing  between me and this guy. I was trying to get a bargain on some Tory Burch look alikes and he wasn’t budging at all on the price. I tried the “I am a poor student charade”.. that didn’t work I think he saw my wrinkles and decided I was too old for school. We settled and I have these beautiful pieces now sitting in my closet and nowhere to wear them.