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Going on a vacation to Rome? Do you not know what to pack?

Here are some fashion tips for traveling abroad to a fashionable place such as Rome.

They say do as the Romans do or you’ll stick out

Fashion over Function = this is the Roman way.

Do you think riding this scooter around Rome with heels and a skirt was easy??.. HECK NO!.. But did we look Roman doing it, maybe not? haaa.

You may stumble on some cobble stones here and there..But you’ll look your best on the way down to the ground : ). Just think of how many gorgeous Italian men in crisp suits will dive to get the rubble out of your mouth.

Wear Heels and pack some flat ballet type slippers in your purse. Walk into the restaurant like a lady who can handle the ancient cobble stones in heels. You can cry in the bathroom later.

Always have a scarf or pashmina to cover up, if you don’t have one, just buy one at a kiosk stand somewhere on one of the Via’s. Rip off the made in china tag and act like its Hermes.



So I wrote the first part of this page pre kids. I now have a 4 year old and we are walking the streets of Italy carrying more things than a purse. I now LOVE wearing Sketchers.. yes I wrote the word Sketchers.

They are now my go to shoes. Look online for comfortable sketchers in all colors. http://www.sketchers.com

Ciao For now