Ristorante Maccheroni

Near the Pantheon

This is My favorite place to eat near the pantheon

Tell the owner Luciano (Looch- annno)

you are friend of “Lauren from California”

and that I sent you there. He will treat you well. Order the Cacio and Peppe pasta and everything else on the menu.

Hotel De Russie

Near Spanish steps

Via del Babuino, 9, 00187 Roma, Italy

Stunning courtyard to sit and have drinks. Sunset is my favorite time. Not to be missed when in Rome.


Near Pantheon

It’s a beautiful restaurant 2 doors down from Maccheroni in Piazze Coppelle

Address: Piazza delle Coppelle, 49, 00186 Roma, Italy

Taverna De Mercanti – 2nd Favorite

A must see… Delicious pasta restaurant that is an old tuscan villa you feel like your on a film set

(It’s a very short taxi ride away right across the river)

Piazza de’ Mercanti, 3a. Trastevere

– Roma. Tel. 06-5881693

Order the Cacio &pepe its served in a dried cheese bowl.




Near the spanish steps

This is a famous street called Via Margutta which is famous for the film Roman Holiday..Its a beautiful restaurant. 39063231025

lunch 12 30 to 2 30

dinner 7 30 to 11


Piazza Pantheon and Navona

Modern restaurant

The owner is a dear friend of mine ask for Ugo. Late night in the grotto/ruins under his restaurant there is jazz and dancing. L.go Del Teatro Valle, 9

Roma -3906-68136830

Ristorante Museo Canova Tadolini

Restaurant near Spanish Steps

Known for dining under Statues.

‪Via del Babuino 150A/B, 00187 Rome, Italy‬



It is a famous gelatteria is near the Pantheon.  It is the largest in Rome and it

has so many flavors.

One of the Best Flavors is (Healthy) MANGO E PESCA

Which is Mango and Peach mixed together


Doctors in Italy

I was looking for a doctor in Rome for our next trip. I always want to have a “just in case” list of doctors on hand.  I have seen doctors in Italy before for numerous ailments  I have always been very fortunate to get great care.  Here is a list I found from

English-speaking medical practitioners in Rome

Whether you need a general practitioner, dentist, pediatrician, dermatologist, therapist, or any other medical specialist in Rome, don’t let a language barrier keep you from getting the care you need so you can get back to enjoying la dolce vita!


MedinAction is an on-demand house call medical service in Italy that delivers qualified English-speaking doctors to a patient’s doorstep. Whether you are a traveler, student abroad, or expatriate, accessing doctors 24/7 in your language has never been so simple. Fees are affordable and direct payment from many insurance providers is available. Patients can also pay upfront and seek reimbursement from travel or personal insurance providers. Same-day house call appointments are available with a general practitioner or with specialists in pediatrics, cardiology, and geriatrics, all in the comfort and privacy of a residence or hotel room. MedinAction doctors can also fill prescriptions and facilitate fast-track hospital or clinic admittance. We work with numerous universities, embassies, and international organisations throughout Italy.

Your personal doctor from Medinaction is available anytime via website, by email, mobile app, or phone.

medinaction english speaking doctors in rome and florence

+39 320 40 65709 – +39 347.7462066 (sms/whatsapp)


This walk-in clinic in the heart of Rome’s city centre (metro station Spagna), offers travelers, students abroad and expatriates access to highly knowledgeable English-speaking doctors in a friendly environment. To see a doctor, you can either walk-in, during office hours, or book an appointment anytime for a consultation or a house call.

Same-day appointments are available to see a General Practitioner, for House Calls, and for many specialties, such as Gynecology, Dermatology, ENT. Lab tests, STI screening, and ultrasound scans are also provided on site.

Appointments can be booked 24/7 online, even for Weekends, Holidays and out-of-office hours. If need be, you will be assisted with hospital admission as well. Fees are affordable and published on the website, payment by insurance is accepted. Official healthcare provider of International Organizations in Rome, and recommended by the most trusted non-profit Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT), they will make you feel in good hands.

English-Speaking Doctors in RomeVia Frattina, 48 -3rd Floor

Online booking at:

Facebook messenger:

phone/sms/whatsapp +39 370 1359521

Walk-in hours: Mon-Fri 10 am-8 pm1


Travel Care Italy, the international department of Cristo Re hospital, is widely recognized for providing outstanding healthcare for tourists, expats, students and internationals living and travelling around Rome. If you are in any kind of health emergency, Travel Care Italy assures you that they will be there, by your side, helping you.

Travel Care Italy has direct billing agreements with most of the international insurances; once the private or travel insurance is shown to Travel Care Italy, they will work to achieve the direct billing with the patient’s insurance and not making the patient pay for the expenses.

They have a very special attention for their patients:

No long waiting hours
Emergencies 24/7
Ambulance services that will transfer you to the hospital
Free on−site translator (english,french, german, spanish, portuguese speaking)
travel care italy

Ospedale Cristo Re

Via delle Calasanziane, 25

24/7 EMERGENCIES + 39 345.6122582


Medical Dimension provides medical and pediatric services H24, 7/7 with English-speaking doctors. They work in the biggest Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Naples, Venice, Florence and Parma.

Their studio is in the center of Rome, near the Colosseum and S.Giovanni in Laterano Church, and is open every day from 9am to 8pm with a physician and pediatrician always available. They also provide house call services h24. A plus is coverage with the main national and international medical insurances.

medical-dimension doctors rome

Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, 182

+39 3208722126


The Medical Office Aventino 38 is located in the heart of Rome, just a few meters from Circo Massimo, and FAO Offices. For over twenty years, Aventino 38 has catered to a range of medical needs with its high level of service and international medical team. Most of the practitioners speak Italian, German, French and English, providing international patients with the confidence that their needs are met. Aventino 38 Medical Office has also joined the program “Mobility Life”, which gives those who have difficulty getting around town the possibility to reach the office by booking a vehicle. The service is Free. In addition to providing this service, the studio is also currently interested in welcoming collaborators who are doctors, either fluent or native in English.

Viale Aventino, 38

Phone +39 06 57 28 9413 – +39 06 57 28 9501


The Aventino Medial Group can offer specialized doctors in all areas from pediatrics to dermatology and internal medicine to psychotherapists among many others. Their moderate fees and friendly English speaking staff can cover all your hospital needs during your time in Rome for an affordable price.

Via Sant’ Alberto Magno, 5, Apartment 3 (near Metro B Circo Massimo)


Office hours: 9am – 7:30 pm and by appointment


This group of four professionals includes a General Dentist, Orthodontist, Implantology Specialist and Root Canal Specialist. They are all English speaking and provide complete dental care using the best and newest dental technology. They are available for appointments and emergencies every day, including Sunday,

Viale Europa 331, Int. 2 (Metro B: EUR Fermi) AND Viale di Castel Porziano 434/F

+39 333-906-1799

Rome + Fashion – Trying to fit in


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Going on a vacation to Rome? Do you not know what to pack?

Here are some fashion tips for traveling abroad to a fashionable place such as Rome.

They say do as the Romans do or you’ll stick out

Fashion over Function = this is the Roman way.

Do you think riding this scooter around Rome with heels and a skirt was easy??.. HECK NO!.. But did we look Roman doing it, maybe not? haaa.

You may stumble on some cobble stones here and there..But you’ll look your best on the way down to the ground : ). Just think of how many gorgeous Italian men in crisp suits will dive to get the rubble out of your mouth.

Wear Heels and pack some flat ballet type slippers in your purse. Walk into the restaurant like a lady who can handle the ancient cobble stones in heels. You can cry in the bathroom later.

Always have a scarf or pashmina to cover up, if you don’t have one, just buy one at a kiosk stand somewhere on one of the Via’s. Rip off the made in china tag and act like its Hermes.



So I wrote the first part of this page pre kids. I now have a 4 year old and we are walking the streets of Italy carrying more things than a purse. I now LOVE wearing Sketchers.. yes I wrote the word Sketchers.

They are now my go to shoes. Look online for comfortable sketchers in all colors.

Ciao For now

The Striped Dinner Party

I love love love stripes and I love all things Italian. I thought I’d mix my two favorites for my favorite man’s birthday dinner.  He (my husband) told me long ago that he HATES surprise parties, so that is what gave me the idea to throw him one : ).

One of the many things I love and miss about Italy is friends having dinner parties. The mouth watering food, smooth wine and great conversation always made for an eventful night.

My inspiration was black and white stripes.



I moved all the furniture out of our pool house, rented a long table and bamboo looking chairs.

I bought candles, Panna water, oranges (I was tired of lemons ) and long Italian bread sticks for table decor

I ventured off to Ikea for candles and found that they sell fabric by the yard for 8$.. I found this adorable black and white striped fabric and began cutting.


I came home and started cooking and decorating…

Here is the EVOLUTION of the table








The moment he walked in…. ImageImageOh… and he was very happy as well as  shocked that I pulled off a surprise party ..he coudn’t believe all the lies I told him to pull it off. hahhahahahahaha

Italian Love-Styles


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“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.” –Anna Akhmatova

I believe it truly is the most beautiful place on earth..

Here are some of my loves for this month..
01_res_636x431 59224_430717042129_7883557_n 149405_10150707844112130_1972263102_n 185371_10150240181537130_2703528_n 197727_10150240181332130_767598_n 198747_10150240181427130_1067948_n 224557_10150240181522130_109351_n 249227_10150240146942130_5876851_n 249257_10150240146867130_7472152_n 254387_10150240147092130_3931141_n 267387_10150240146887130_4962535_n 283317_10150240181492130_5979648_n 302790_10150280630997130_1597379088_n 399662_10150456005937130_1249845851_n 402392_10150491544862130_643141857_n 404274_10150456005032130_450168995_n 421880_10150491102022130_1326981731_n 429958_10150491545812130_1093268547_n 485299_10150687784697130_1075812872_n 528517_10150707841852130_1496021226_n 544164_10150773418227130_1550503923_n 546066_10150707842217130_1164004965_n 551879_10150707842897130_1684138775_n 578010_10150773417982130_2059658715_n 578325_10150707839657130_951060279_n ff5c90e37b4dc40bb4085f72f10d849f Four-Seasons-Florence_Palazzo-Tornabuoni gallery art hotel fi getres-ashx JK FLorence PM Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 5.44.36 PM Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 5.45.16 PM Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 5.45.26 PM Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 5.45.42 PM Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 5.46.13 PM Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 5.46.35 PM Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 5.46.46 PM Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 5.47.03 PM Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 9.30.00 PM The Gallerie HOtel Rome,

Baby Journal Month by Month / Year Book


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Growing up I would look over and over at my baby book and wondered why all the pages were blank. There were a few photos (yellow tinted) and a few lines scribbled about first words and a few milestones conquered. Maybe I was too much work that my mother couldn’t sit down to pen a few pages or did I rip the photos out as a child.

Well, I wanted to make up for the lack of photos and documentation of my early years so I put together a “Year Book” for my 12 month old daughter.

 I hope my daughter get’s a kick out of her book, here is a glimpse.

The book was designed into a coffee table book by

















Where to get your photo books made




Florence – Eat, Pray, Stay


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Four Seasons Florence

 This is the Presidential Suite

This hotel is a must see.  The restaurant is wonderful and the Spa is to die for.

I read that the Four Season’s Florence was one of the Medici’s Mistresses homes. Ohhh to be a Mistress way back when you received a new corset every day along with a Palace.  Now all you get is a horrible reputation and an apartment in a hidden town.

                                        Santa Maria Novella Hotel

One of my favorites!!!.. I stayed here my wedding night. I loved it so much, so romantic and in a great location. Costs much much less than the Four Seasons, so you can spend the difference on boots at the leather market

Here are some adorable hotels. See the link below This Florence Chain of Hotels are absolutely the best!! You must stay in one of them

Must See Tips

The David – Just see it, or people will ask forever why you didn’t, his hands are very big.. and thats about it

Pitti Palace – beautiful gardens for a lunch or to roam around and pretend you live in the 14 th century

Ponte Vechio – breathtaking and fun drop a few hundred euros on some gold jewelry

Santa Croce Church – beautiful and Michaelangelo is burried there.  Duomo = disappointing on the inside

San lorenzo market – leather and scarves a shoppers paradise

The Uffizi – really, hmmm not worth the long wait

Fiesole – Adorable town on the hillside of Florence. You can see old Roman ruins there. I got married at a beautiful Castle on the hillside.

Florence Restaurants

Typical tuscan 
- TRATTORIA DA MARIO Via Rosina, 2/R, near Piazza Mercato Centrale +39 (055) 218550 (very very busy, very tradional, very cheap) only for lunch, closed on sunday along the Arno
- DA SERGIO piazza san lorenzo (very busy, very tradional, very cheap) only for lunch, closed on sunday

MAMMAGINA borgo san jacopo – closed on sunday you can taste one of the best florentine steak in the city center 
- CIBREINO (via de macci – sant’ambrogio, very close to the food market) is the place where you can try the high level quality of Fabio Picchi, owner of the well known Cibreo: cheaper that the famous one, same level food quality – closed on Sunday and Monday WWW.CIBREO.COM

TEATRO DEL SALE (via de macci – sant’ambrogio, very close to the food market) it is a reastaurant and a private club where you can try the high level quality of Fabio Picchi cuisine, owner of the well known Cibreo: plus you’ll get a theatrical show at night; closed on Sunday and Monday 
- FAGIOLI via delle conce (close to santa croce): cheap, very typical 
- OSTERIA BOCCANEGRA via ghibellina (close to santa croce): elegant, intimate, typical (closed at lunchtime)


– NOVE Lungarno Guicciardini, 10 (open air terrace, the river Arno at a glance)

– CAVALLI CLUB piazza del carmine, close to the Curch

BSJ borgo san jacopo very elegant, good food level, a couple of tables in the terrace over the river arno (closed at lunchtime)

ALLE MURATE a restaurant in a real museum: expensive but it is worth it (closed at lunchtime)

BOCCANEGRA an elegant restaurant close to santa croce (closed at lunchtime) 
- ENOTECA PINCHIORRI (simply the best


Maternity Poses – A few ideas and don’ts

So your pregnant or would like to be and your thinking of ideas of how you’d like to show the world your many chins and swollen ankles.. or maybe not.

Perhaps your totally not in the mood to have a camera in your face and would rather take  a nap or have a bon fire of Victoria Secret Magazines.

Well some day your children will grow up and ask “what did you look like when you were pregnant with me?”. You are going to either have to photo shop your head on pregnant Gisele the super model or get you are going to do some big belly stills.

Here are some prego maternity shots ideas.

Skinny bitch..

My big belly

Memorial Day

Our Christmas Card – It said On the Twelth day of christmas my true love gave to me… well.. that’s pretty obvious

For my husband

Heard it all day long

I was trying for artsy

My last night PREGO.. ya think Im over due much?

go big or GO HOME

Ohh there they are!!!

Here are the Don’ts

What I dream’t my C section would be like