So your pregnant or would like to be and your thinking of ideas of how you’d like to show the world your many chins and swollen ankles.. or maybe not.

Perhaps your totally not in the mood to have a camera in your face and would rather take  a nap or have a bon fire of Victoria Secret Magazines.

Well some day your children will grow up and ask “what did you look like when you were pregnant with me?”. You are going to either have to photo shop your head on pregnant Gisele the super model or get you are going to do some big belly stills.

Here are some prego maternity shots ideas.

Skinny bitch..

My big belly

Memorial Day

Our Christmas Card – It said On the Twelth day of christmas my true love gave to me… well.. that’s pretty obvious

For my husband

Heard it all day long

I was trying for artsy

My last night PREGO.. ya think Im over due much?

go big or GO HOME

Ohh there they are!!!

Here are the Don’ts

What I dream’t my C section would be like